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About lookups

Frequently you will notice an icon shaped like a magnifying glass within the ClearView application.  This is known as a lookup.  Some are in the form of drop-down lookups, which incorporate a built-in drop-down list of options.

    Using a lookup allows you to search available values for the field associated with the lookup.  No need to memorize a litany of codes or plaster reference sticky notes around your monitor; using a lookup is a convenient way to populate a field without having to look elsewhere for the values you need.

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How to use Lookups

1.  When available, click a lookup icon expand img.

    2.  Configure lookup criteria as applicable to the record type:
  • Search fields expand img allow you to type applicable criteria applicable.
  • info 16 If you are unsure of exact information, try using wildcard search methods.
  • Drop-down lookups expand img allow you to select a specific type of information that you want to search within (i.e. ID Number, Last Name, and others).
  • Drop-down indicators expand img that allow you to select from a list of values in a drop-down menu.
  • A list of values that allow you to page through and click on the value you desire, accompanied by a Search field to search that particular list expand img.
    3.  Click the Go or Save button to select the value that you wish to apply to that particular field, or click the Cancel link to leave the lookup without making any changes.
  • The value you selected is automatically populated in the field associated with the lookup.

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