About ClearView

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What is ClearView CRM? It's the most innovative fundraising application on the market.  ClearView CRM is the newest version of a donor management software system that is part of the ClearView CRM family. With ClearView CRM, you have instant access to the information that you need to make informed decisions and forecast accurately.  Learn more ...  



ClearView CRM helps you

  • manage all of your donor information and fundraising activities, both offline and online, from a single database.
  • make informed decisions about growing your donor relationships.
  • increase the return on your fundraising investments.
  • drive awareness and support to advance your mission.

ClearView is organized around the different types of tasks that you need to perform specifically for the purposes of fundraising.  You’ll get immediate access to meaningful and understandable information about your donors, cultivation activities and staff efforts, the ability to determine which initiatives are best meeting the goals you've set, and the help you need to deepen and strengthen your donors' relationships with your organization.

ClearView is a browser-based application with a familiar, intuitive feel for any level of internet user.  The logical display of menus, screens and associated tools reflects the application’s user-oriented organization and priority.

Accessed through an internet browser and runs in the cloud from servers rather than on individual workstations, ClearView reduces or eliminates many of the expenses that would otherwise be associated with software management, and allows for secure, versatile, satellite office access from any computer in the world with an internet connection.

ClearView CRM lets you

  • track everything your organization does around fundraising—staff efforts, campaigns, marketing activities—against strategic goals.
  • align your fundraising efforts through the gamut of marketing channels--from initiating personal contacts with prospects and managing events, to sending email communication to thousands of donors.
  • guide and track all phases of solicitation and stewardship to take full advantage of every fundraising opportunity. That includes coordinating the calls, meetings, emails, proposals and other activities that help you pursue those all-important major and planned gifts.
  • instantly access information about your constituents – notes, current demographic and biographical information, interaction with your organization, and giving history – in a clear, easily understandable format.
  • seamlessly update your online and offline fundraising activities across all your systems.   ClearView works in tandem with a powerful centralized database and online marketing suite to record and track all information on your donors immediately, no syncing or exporting necessary.
  • access your information and fundraising tools anywhere and anytime you need them.  With web browser accessibility, ClearView is available on your laptop, smartphone, tablet—you name it.
  • choose from an array of meaningful reports that let you easily analyze your donor relationships and results, and make decisions based on data, not guesswork.
  • get the information you need, quickly; ClearView’s data warehousing technology ensures that our report speed is at the top of industry standards.
  • personalize the system to adapt to you and the way you work, with easily customizable screens and navigation.
  • have a 360 degree view of your donors, with quick access to the in-depth information you need to make the right approach.
  • manage opportunities using our unique fundraising tracking system – from initial donor contact to receiving a gift, ClearView guides your activities every step of the way.
  • work seamlessly with indispensable fundraising tools like WealthEngine and Constant Contact.  ClearView also integrates easily with other applications like accounting packages and office productivity software.

ClearView makes raising money easier and helps transform your results.