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ClearView CRM is conditioned to best suit the needs of non-profit organizations. Below is a list of concepts or features found in ClearView to provide more clarity to fundraising concepts or ClearView features that you may encounter. 

This list is a growing center of knowledge prepared for you to take away some meaningful information. 

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Campaigns Campaigns are the total collective goals fundraising efforts aim to meet. They are the over-arching goal made up of smaller initiatives to ensure success in your endeavors. Learn more about campaigns and how they work. 
Credit Card Vaulting Credit Card Vaulting is a method of securing credit card data when used in giving transactions. The data goes through a tokenization process which distorts real data and processes it based on the newly generated one-time use number.  Learn more about Credit Card Vaulting, tokenization and how this feature meets PCI compliance. 
Units What is a unit? We have you covered in this overview of units. Learn what they are, their significance to ClearView CRM and how they can benefit your organization.


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privs 32  Privileges to access features or to personalize configurable ones can vary by user, as well as by role, and are determined by your organization.  If you have questions about your privilege settings, contact your administrator.