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Glossary of Terms


The default version of the ClearView application adheres to understanding the terminology explained in the following glossary.  As an organization, you may have chosen to change certain default terms to others that are standard for your own organization.


Familiarize yourself with the glossary of terms in the context of the ClearView application in order to make sense of the help documentation, default interface terms, database integration and utilization of the program.

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Keyboard Shortcuts


Within ClearView, keyboard shortcuts exist that help streamline certain routine tasks.  As this list continues to grow, check here to determine what shortcuts are available to make your everyday activities that much easier.


Panels Library


ClearView has an extensive library of panels ready for immediate addition to any of your dashboards.  Think of a panel as a way to stay connected with real-time changes in your database, as well as a window into deeper data analysis.  Panels themselves are like mini-reports, offering a snapshot of what lies beneath each synopsis.


Reports Library


ClearView has a growing collection of standard public reports ready for you to run immediately or schedule for future analysis. Reports are organized into the following categories, and can be filtered by category within the ClearView Reports page itself. In addition to reports, ClearView offers pre-configured dashboards that function as a collective display of multiple related reports.
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