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Utilities are a collection of back-end configuration options for customizing ClearView to your organization's needs. This powerful set of tools allows you to configure many of the features in ClearView like Tracks, SQL Queries, and more.


info 16Utilities is a permission-based area of ClearView. For easy access, add it to your Navigation Menu via Assign Menus in Administration. Additionally, you can access Utilities from the Site Map.



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utilities 32 Utilities Overview

Learn how to access Utilities in ClearView CRM.

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utilities 32 Utility Tools

Learn how to adjust the back-end application configurations for ClearView CRM.

Acknowledgements camera 60 steps 60
Auto Update camera 60 steps 60
Billing camera 60 steps 60
Naming Opportunities camera 60 steps 60
Scheduled Jobs camera 60  steps 60
Segmentation camera 60 steps 60
Selection camera 60 steps 60
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Table Maintenance camera 60 steps 60
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privs 32Privileges to access features or to personalize configurable ones can vary by user, as well as by role, and are determined by your organization.  If you have questions about your privilege settings, contact your administrator.