Third-party integration

ClearView was developed in a way that embraces the notion of working together with other best-in-class software programs and services. In this way, it provides you with the most dynamic constituent management and decision support arsenal possible to aid you in your quest for donors.


warning 16 While all transactions related to third-party applications exist on the database level, import and export functionality within the ClearView interface itself may be limited. For example, payment transactions imported into the database from an accounting application will be visible in the ClearView interface wherever those types of transactions are typically displayed, (i.e. panels, data table views, reports), but the actual importing functionality itself may not be a ClearView feature. In most cases such as that, a PledgeMaker application utility is used to import the records.


1 third party integration

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The CRM core donor database has the ability to integrate with the following software and service solutions:


Third party integration ing

For more information on each application and its vendor, consult the tables to follow or contact our Client Services division for further details on how ClearView integrates with each product.


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