Dashboard Management

dashboard Dashboard Basics

Start using dashboards: learn about creating your first dashboard, editing it, making dashboard copies, and deleting dashboards you no longer use.

About Dashboards Camera Steps
Create Your First Dashboard Steps
Edit Dashboard Layout Steps
Copy a Dashboard Steps
Delete a Dashboard Steps
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dashboard Dashboard Settings

Learn how to utilize Dashboard settings, how to narrow Dashboard results through filtering, and about using Dashboard administrative features.

Manage Dashboard Settings Camera Steps
Dashboard Filtering by Unit Camera Steps
Hiding a Unit Level Cap
Showing Specific Unit Statuses  
Dashboard Administration Camera Steps
Assigning or Unassigning Dashboards  
Assigning or Unassigning Homepage Dashboards  

using_panels_icon_3 Using Panels

Dashboards are comprised of panels; learn about panels including how to add panels to a dashboard, edit them, and delete panels you no longer use. Custom panels can also be created to suit your specific needs.

About Panels Camera
Adding a Panel Steps
Editing a Panel  
Removing a Panel  
Creating Custom Panels for Data Tables Cap
Creating Custom Views for Data Table Panels  
Creating Custom Panels for Reports  
Creating Custom Panels for Custom Content Definitions  
panel_library Panel Library

This comprehensive resource includes a description and image preview of every panel available for use on a ClearView dashboard, and some suggestions per why you would use each particular panel.

Panel Library Book
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privs 32Privileges to access features or to personalize configurable ones can vary by user, as well as by role, and are determined by your organization.  If you have questions about your privilege settings, contact your administrator.