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admin About Batch

Learn about Batch processing features.

camera 60Batch Overview

steps 60Accessing batch


info 16 If you do not have access to Batch from your user menu, contact your ClearView administrator to discuss your permission settings.
vae Batch Header

Before you can begin a batch process, you need to create a batch header. The batch header is a transactional summary and description of the batch.  The header ensures the correct amount of total transaction and transaction types are in balance. Learn more about how to create a batch header. 

camera 60About Batch Headers

steps 60

Filtering and finding current batches

Creating a batch header

Creating a batch template

Setting default values on batch detail records

Posting a single batch

Posting multiple batches and setting a recurring posting schedule

Deleting a batch



datatable Batch Data Table

The batch data table is a list of all the transactional details connected to the Batch Header. Learn how to navigate, filter, sort and quickly view prospect information on the data table. 

camera 60Batch Data Table Overview

steps 60Changing the number of displayed results

Paging through multiple pages of results 

Sorting results

Accessing detail records from results

Accessing prospect information from results

Creating a new record from the data table

vae Batch Detail Records

Batch details are the substance behind the batch header. Batch details are individual transaction records included in a batch. Learn how to enter your data and how your entries can be quickly audited against the batch header. 

camera 60Batch Detail Record Overview

steps 60Navigating a batch detail record

Creating a batch detail record

Creating a new split payment

Adding to an existing split payment

Editing a batch detail record  

Deleting a batch detail record



Processing Various Types of Gifts

Saving certain transaction types on a batch detail record causes additional “behind-the-scenes” transactions to occur. Processing these gifts correctly often requires that specific steps are followed. Learn what records get created when using particular transaction types as well as tips for best practice.  

camera 60Processing Various Types of Gifts



privs 32Privileges to access features or to personalize configurable ones can vary by user, as well as by role, and are determined by your organization.  If you have questions about your privilege settings, contact your administrator.