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Welcome to ClearView CRM Mobile 

Here you will find quick overviews and ready-to-follow instructions to grow your productivity and comfort with ClearView CRM Mobile.

So what is ClearView CRM Mobile?

Love the power and ease of use of ClearView CRM? Now you can take it on the road with ClearView CRM Mobile.

With ClearView CRM Mobile, you can: 

Take advantage of ClearView CRM Mobile to easily handle the vital out-of-office activities supporting your solicitation efforts:

ClearView CRM Mobile looks and works great on your Android deviceiPhone and iPad. Even better, you can tailor how ClearView CRM Mobile works for you by configuring the application in ClearView CRM administration.


Getting Started

Who can use ClearView CRM Mobile?

ClearView CRM Mobile is available to organizations using ClearView CRM in the cloud.  ClearView CRM Mobile is not available to self-hosted clients at this time.  If you are unsure if your organization is cloud- or self-hosted, contact your organization's ClearView administrator or SofTrek's support team.

If you are a ClearView CRM cloud user, your organization's ClearView administrator must give you permission to access ClearView CRM Mobile.  Once you have permission, download the Apple app or Android app onto your device and use your regular ClearView login credentials to sign in.

What devices are compatible with ClearView CRM Mobile?

ClearView CRM Mobile is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices that are running iOS 6.0 or later, and for Android devices that are running Jellybean 4.0 or later.  Learn more about other technical requirements.

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For Apple device users, download ClearView CRM Mobile onto a compatible device for free from the iTunes App Store.  You will need an Apple ID account.  Contact Apple for help if you forgot your Apple ID or Apple password.

For Android device users, install ClearView CRM Mobile on your device for free from the Google Play Store.

How do I use ClearView CRM Mobile?

ClearView CRM Mobile is designed with the on-the-go user in mind.  Explore this ClearView CRM Mobile Help site to help you get started.  You will be making phone calls, locating prospects and logging your call notes in no time, among using other time-saving features.

As a ClearView CRM administrator, what do I need to know about setting up ClearView CRM Mobile?

Before a ClearView user can login to ClearView CRM Mobile, a ClearView administrator has to grant the user permission to access the application.  ClearView administrators can also configure certain parts of ClearView CRM Mobile.

Learn more about ClearView CRM Mobile administration, or contact support for help.

Does using ClearView CRM Mobile affect our licensing agreement?

Users need a ClearView account to login to ClearView CRM Mobile.  If you need to have new user accounts set up, contact support to discuss your needs.

While ClearView CRM Mobile is in use by a ClearView CRM user, a ClearView license is in use.  As when using the main ClearView application itself, if ClearView CRM Mobile is inactive for ten minutes the license is released.

If you have questions about your organization's licensing agreement or how using ClearView CRM Mobile affects usage, contact support