Phone call

phone-mainUse ClearView CRM Mobile to call a prospect and document your interaction. Find your prospect, select a phone number, and tap Call to initiate your contact.

Optionally, ClearView CRM Mobile can create an Action record that captures the time the call was made, by whom, and other important details.

Calling a prospect

  1. On My Homepage tap Phone Call.
    • The Call screen displays, which includes a list of your Recently Viewed prospects.
  2. Tap a Recently Viewed prospect, or tap Search and enter a prospect's name.
    • After tapping a prospect, the Select Phone Number pop-up window displays.
  3. From the Select Phone Number list tap a number.
    • The primary phone number is the first contact listed.
  4. Tap Call, and ClearView CRM Mobile dials the selected phone number.
    • After you complete your call, the Create Action for Phone Call? pop-up window displays.  Optionally document your call in an Action record.

Additionally, you can call prospects directly from their Prospect Summary record.

Creating an Action record after making a phone call

After completing your call, you can optionally record your call notes and other information:

  1. Tap Yes to create an Action record of your call.
    • The Add Action screen displays.
    • Optionally enter any additional details, such as your notes in Remarks.
  2. Tap Save.
    • The record is saved as a Completed Action, and the Call screen displays.
    • Make another call as needed, or use the main menu to navigate elsewhere in the application.

For more information about working with your actions, see Actions.