Technical Requirements

notifications-mainTo use ClearView CRM Mobile, the following requirements must be met:


ClearView CRM Subscription and Version Requirements

ClearView CRM Mobile works with ClearView CRM cloud subscriptions running the current release of ClearView CRM.


Device Compatibility

ClearView CRM Mobile is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices that are running iOS 6.0 or later.  Download ClearView CRM Mobile onto a compatible Apple device for free from the iTunes App Store.

ClearView CRM Mobile is also available for Android device users running Jellybean 4.0 or later.  Install ClearView CRM Mobile onto a compatible Android device for free from the Google Play Store.


Mobile Permissions

To login to ClearView CRM Mobile, your organization's ClearView administrator must grant you permission to access the application.  Once you have permission, use your ClearView login credentials to sign into the mobile application.  

For more information about administrative set-up, see Mobile Administration.  


Contact Support if you need help.