Privacy Policy

ClearView CRM Mobile Privacy Policy 


We respect your privacy. If we collect any personal information within the ClearView CRM Mobile app, it is solely to provide a better client experience. We will not store any of your personal information without your consent.


Location Information

Your location information allows a display of your current position on a map and of points of interest near your location.

On an iPhone or iPad, ClearView CRM Mobile uses Apple Maps to pinpoint your location information. Before it does so, you will see a dialog box asking you whether you would like the application to access your information. If you select “OK,” the application will use your location information. If you select “Cancel,” the application will not use your location.


Login Information

ClearView CRM Mobile provides services that require login with a web server. This authentication will always be provided in a transparent way. Login information is stored and transferred in encrypted format to protect against data theft.

No personal data is being transferred to or stored by any third party.


Contact Support if you have any questions.