There are many areas in ClearView which allow administrators to configure settings in order for the application to work in a way that is most conducive with your organization's workflow. This configuration capability is powerful and flexible but can cause apprehension for some, as the idea of modifying settings across the organization can be daunting.

To alleviate this concern, ClearView provides capabilities for administrators to create and assign features and functionality to other users, roles, or the entire organization in an intuitive, administrator-friendly format.



Batch is designed to help users enter multiple transactions into ClearView at one time and process a variety of gift types. Batch processing clearly defines any related details, such as associated appeals, funds, transaction types, payment methods, and much more. Transactions can be entered as tributes to individuals, and acknowlegements can be initiated. A batch can be scheduled to post at a designated time and reattempted when necessary over a specified time frame.

Campaign Management


Use Campaign Management to set up and manage specific fundraising efforts and organize all associated activity. Track gifts, payments, mail and premiums associated with a campaign.

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ClearView Business Intelligence

ClearView Business Intelligence is powered by Jaspersoft, our best-in-class third-party software partner.  These materials come direct from Jaspersoft, and range in intended audience from basic users to report developers. Consult with these resources to enhance your understanding of ClearView Business Intelligence's reporting capabilities.

Dashboard Management


ClearView dashboards display panels that provide at-a-glance information, keeping you readily in touch with an overall synopsis of your organization's fundraising efforts. Just like a car's dashboard instruments, panels on your ClearView dashboard are like windows into the integral operations that lie beneath.  They offer access to more in depth information for when, "as the driver", you are able to give the details of the operation your focused attention.

Events Management 


Plan and manage events and all related activity with Events Management. First, use Event Code Administration to create codes and descriptions associated with event components. Next, use Work with Events to create new events, edit existing event records and to set up associated detail records (fees, elements and expenses, and many more). Then use Comprehensive Event Reporting to run all of your event-related reports.

Go To Records


Go To Records are the substance of ClearView CRM. Each record is stylized for specific information aimed to assist in maintaining reliable data integrity, ensuring ease in accessing information quickly, and heightening efficiency when creating or editing prospect record data.

List Manager


Use List Manager to create lists of prospects from the database based on your selected criteria for varied purposes. Examples for use include preparation for mailing segmentation, easy access for solicitation, and filtering reports.

Opportunity Management


Opportunity Management allows you to identify prospects and create extensive opportunity records, tracking every step of the process.  Create new opportunity records, find existing opportunity records, and work with prospects towards the acquisition of major gifts or services.

Payment Processing


Payment Processing administration is required for organizations that receive credit card and electronic check donations. ClearView CRM includes in-application merchant services that deliver thorough, streamlined payment processing and reconciliation. ClearView is also integrated with a few third-party payment processors. Use Payment Processing to manage codes, such as Payment Methods, Gift Types and Credit Card Types, used in gift processing. Create and manage merchant accounts and schedule processing for each merchant. Review processed payments that were denied authorization and manage reconciliation. You can also create pledge bills and run processing reports.

Prospect Management


The successful management of prospects is a key aspect within any organization. ClearView provides an assortment of avenues for finding prospect records, all designed to be quick and accurate. Locate records in no time, and start making progress without wasting a moment.


ClearView includes a robust and growing collection of predefined reports that provide immediate data analysis opportunities through table views, interactive charts and graphs, reporting dashboards, crosstab summaries, and more.


All along, a pillar of ClearView development has been implementing the ability for users to configure their experience in a way that is most beneficial to their own needs and responsibilities.  Settings are where you go to make that application tenant a reality in your own day-to-day tasks.

Third-Party Integration


We’ve all heard that age-old adage: It takes a village. ClearView was developed in a way that embraces this notion of working together with other best-in-class software programs and services, providing you with the most dynamic prospect management and decision support arsenal possible to aid you in your quest for donors.

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A collection of tools are at your disposal in Utilities. The back-end configuration options stored here help you mold ClearView in a way that best suits your organization; this includes configuration fields, table code management, solicitor account creation, and mass record updates.